Mud Pots

Mud Pots – Gentle Exports

Mud pots have been used since the dawn of human civilization. In spite of being obsolete in modern days, they offer an elegant way for the decoration of garden and home alike. Natural look of these handcrafted Mud Pots easily gels with every type of surrounding. Our range of Mud Pots is handcrafted by those clay potters, who have inherited this age old art from their ancestors.We are supplying Mud Flower Pots and Mud Cooking Pots to our customers.

We believe in providing the quality products to the customer at the price they desire.


Transaction Details

  • Minimum Order quantity – 500 Pieces
  • Delivery time – Within a month
  • Packing – Importer’s Choice
  • Term of Sale – FOB Method
  • Term of Payment – Letter of Credit

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