Curcuma Aromatica

Curcuma AromaticaWe are a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the best quality Curcuma aromatica  Powder. The provided powder is used in conjunction with other ayurvedic herbs and widely admired by our precious clients owing to its effective results in the market. Using quality  leaves, this powder is processed by our deft professionals as per the set industry standards. This powder is rigorously tested on various parameters to ensure its effectiveness. This powder is used as a preventive adaptogen that balances the body when body  under stress.

Curcuma Aromatica, also called "Wild Turmeric" has been used as an herbal cosmetic in South Asia and India for centuries. This traditional herb is used as a skin rejuvenative and to enhance skin health. It is less pungent in property than Curcuma Longa (used in cooking) which makes it ideal to use on sensitive skin. Use Curcuma Aromatica to address a variety of skin conditions: acne, scars, pigmentation, cellulite, inflammatory conditions of the skin and stretch marks among many other conditions. The herb originates from the forrest areas of India in order to control that the crops are not chemically grown or infected with pesticides.

Beauty benefits:
1. Turmeric Face Pack for Fairness/ Skin Whitening:

A simple homemade face pack made with this powder and milk/ yogurt will brighten our skin considerably, if used regularly.

2. Turmeric For Unwanted Facial Hair Removal:

Regular use of Turmeric on the face as a face pack helps to retard facial hair growth. In many Indian villages, many homes have a small stone along with a small piece of turmeric in the bathroom. When women have their bath, they rub the turmeric on the stone and apply the paste on their face, this keeps the face blemish free and also removes facial hair. But this has to be done for a long time. 

3. Curcuma Aromatica for Babies:

When the women gets pregnant in India, we start preparing nalangu powder/ nalangu maavu/ bath powder. It is a powder made with Turmeric and other herbs that keep the babies skin blemish free.They don't use it for boy babies, we only use it for girl babies as it reduces the hair growth on their skin, if used regularly

4. Curcuma Aromatica for Acne & Acne Scars:

It is amazing for treating acne and acne scars. Unlike chemical filled acne creams sold in the market, Turmeric acne treatment is very effective for treating acne and acne scars and does not have any side effects. A homemade face pack made with Ocimum Sanctum Powder and Curcuma Aromatica Powder is very effective for acne and acne scars.

Medicinal uses:
Wild turmeric is recognized as a medical herb with strong antibiotic properties. It is believed to play a role in preventing and curing cancer in chinese medicine. In an effort to remove cell accumulations such as a tumors, curcuma is often utilized. There are two species commonly used in cancer therapy that, like ginger, have a spicy taste.It contains aromatic volatile oils that help to remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets (sticking of the blood cells to form masses), and reduce inflammation.

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