Liquorice is a soothing moist herb which has expectorant, anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves coughs effectively and exhibits laxative and hormonal effects. It has been used to relieve adreno-corticoid insufficiency and tuberculosis.

This herb acts as a relieve for many ailments, some of those are



  • Peptic ulcers: It is often used for the management ulcers in the stomach. Some of the studies prove the fact that licorice helps to fasten the relieving time.
  • Canker sores: People suffering from canker sores should gargle for 4 times at least with warm water in which liquorice has been dissolved.
  • Eczema: liquorice gel when applied to the infected skin will relieve problems of swelling, dryness and itching.
  • When liquorice is used in combination with chamomile and peppermint, it relieves symptoms related to GERD or indigestion.
  • Respiratory infections: Liquorice is used relieving asthma, cough and colds.
  • Muscular pains: Liquorice is effective in reducing muscular pains. Consuming an infusion of the roots soaked overnight will relieve chronic joint problems.
  • Baldness: Pieces of liquorice when ground in milk and saffron paste is effective in relieving bald patches. This paste should be applied at bedtime regularly for few weeks.
  • Scars and wounds: Liquorice powder can be mixed with honey, ghee and butter. This paste should be applied on wounds and cuts. The leaves of the licorice plant can be used as a poultice to relieve wounds.
  • Corns: A paste of liquorice sticks when mixed with mustard or sesame oil and applied on corns yields good results.
  • Liquorice powder along with honey and glue can be used to relieve myopia.
  • It is used as a laxative to relieve constipation. It should be consumed with jaggery and water.

Internal Use

  • Liquorice is consumed internally to relieve bronchitis, asthma, peptic ulcer, coughs, arthritis and allergic complaints.
  • In enhances the relieving of peptic ulcers and also used in adreno-coticoid insufficiency.
  • It is used in Chinese medicine for revitalizing heart functions and also relieves palpitations. It boosts the functioning of the spleen and detoxifies the digestive system and the body.
  • The roots of liquorice are chewed as a candy.

External Use

  • It is used to relieve eczema, shingles and herpes and because of the anti-inflammatory effects, relieves sunburn, piles and insect bites.
  • Because of its sweetness it is usually utilized as a sweetening agent to cover the bitter taste of medicinal formulations.
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