Solanum Trilobatum

thuthuvalaiThe plant is said to contain natural steroids. The steroid SOLASOLINE is present in the leaves, fruits, seeds and stem are widely used for steroid drug production.

  • Researches of medicinal plants are shown that the purple fruited egg pea plant is containing anti bacterial,  hepato protective (protection of liver against radiation and UV caused damages), antibiotic, anti mitotic, anti fungal anti tumor properties. 
  • International study of research of cancer enumerated that the plant Solanum Trilobatum can be administered to treat lung cancer.
  • It is said to be rejuvenatory herb. It treats smartly on various respiratory diseases and asthma.
  • It is used for the gastric complaints also.
  • The leaves is used to treat with dullness in hearing can be used to make ear drops.
  • The flower is used to treat and enhance the mental ability.
  • The seeds, fruits, leaves and stem are entirely used for various treatments.
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